Articles by Terry Townsend

Terry is a former member of the Pataskala church of Christ, and is currently a minister at the Curry church of Christ, located in Curry, Alabama. Terry studied at the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions. His articles below are listed from newest to oldest, with his most recent articles on top. To read the articles, simply click on the title. 

When the Door Closes

Don't Lose Sight of the Mission

A Broken Cart

A Polluted Priesthood

The Church Is Not a Gated Community

Stirred Up

And Saul Armed David With His Armor

Peter Sat Down Among Them

God's Eternal Word 

Noah Prepared An Ark To the Saving of His House 

And the Lord Sent You On A Mission 


Reading the Obituaries 

The Word That I Have Spoken 

Silent Soldiers  

It Wasn't That Bad

And Pitched His Tent Toward Sodom

Same-Sex Marriage 

Why Then Have You Not Kept Watch?

The Peace of the Cloth 

A Championship-Caliber Church 

 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Not Right Now

Refocus On Jesus 

The Voice of Thy Brother’s Blood Crieth Unto Me 

 Empty Boxes

Dooms Day 


Our Response To Family Who Would Differ With Us Spiritually 

A Grateful Heart 

 We Are All Present

Control Of The Wheel 

Our Responsibility Toward Civil Authority 

 Better To Wear Out Than To Rust Out

Linked Together 

What The Rich Man In Torment Would Have Us To Know 

 My Trip To The Principal

Remember When the World Stopped Turning ?

 The Instrumental Music Issue

 Sermon Seed--Dungeon Duty

 Think On These Things... And Israel Joined Himself Unto Baalpeor

 Think On These Things... Three

Think On These Things... H20 (Water) 

Think On These Things... Lord, Save Me 

Sermon Seed- He Would Have Passed By Them 

 Think On These Things- Where Do We Start?

Think On These Things- Family Reunion 

 Think On These Things- How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

 Think On These Things- Faithful Father

Our Personal Responsibility To Grow As A Christian 

Your Sermons Are Too Long 

 Is It Nothing To You?

 Don't Be Tekoite Noble

Old Shoes Are Hard To Throw Away 

 Similarities Between A Pearl & The Church

 Is There Enough Snow For Me To Shovel?

 At The Cross With A Centurion

 The Removal of Ancient Landmarks

The Original Plan For Marriage 

 Out Of Control

False Accusations 

If Jesus Were On Facebook  

The Church 

 Whose Responsibility Is It To Visit?