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As Christians, we should extend our knowledge on all matters relating to the Bible, God and Christianity. Below there are options to view different video and literature resources produced by trusted Christian authorities.  

Summer Series

Click here to listen to the 2018 Summer Series: “Memorable Words from Scripture”

Click here to listen to the 2017 Summer Series: “In Step with The Master”

Online Resource Links

Listed below are links to websites that are full of wonderful enriching content that will help extend your knowledge! The top three are created by individuals of the church of Christ, while the ones that follow are not. Please refer to the disclaimer listed below for a better understanding. 

Apologetics Press

Focus Press

Gospel Broadcasting Network  

Disclaimer: The elders of this congregation and/or webmaster of this site do not have control over any external websites. Therefore, all information from these sites cannot be inherently condoned or endorsed by the elders at Pataskala.  

We make available this online set of study tools for use in linguistic studies and bible searches.  We do not necessarily endorse the commentaries, or the devotionals, or any other part of these reference sites.

As the Bible teaches in Acts 17:11, you always should search the scriptures on a daily basis to see if what you read and hear either here or elsewhere is biblically correct. If you find anything on our site or on sites to which we link that is not biblically accurate, please kindly inform us.

Thank You, the eldership of the Pataskala church of Christ

Bible Dictionaries from BibleGateway.com (see disclaimer above)

Bible Dictionaries from BibleStudyTools.com  (see disclaimer above)

Interactive Bible Map from BibleMap.org  (see disclaimer above)

Bible Maps, Timelines, & Outlines from Bible.ca (free to print and use!)  (see disclaimer above)

Bible Timelines from BibleTimelines.org (see disclaimer above)

Verse of the Day  (see disclaimer above)

Listen to the Bible online starting in the New Testament--Free iPhone, iPad & Android Apps available!  (see disclaimer above)


Suggested Applications for Smart Devices

Disclaimer: The same disclaimer for external websites applies to suggested applications for smart devices. To view the disclaimer in its entirety, please scroll to the previous section entitled "Online Resource Links." 

Bible+ -- This is a comprehensive application from Olive Tree. The application comes with a free version of the King James Bible. Additional translations are available for purchase, as well as a wealth of in-application purchases to help enhance your Bible reading experience. as well as a lot of free content. This application has a unique feature that allows you to view two windows at the same time, which allows you to view multiple translations simultaneously, or have a copy of purchased Bible notes alongside you at all times. This Bible application is one of the best, if not the best, on the market for extensive Bible study. (see disclaimer above)

Bible -- This application by LifeChurch.tv is a free application with many translations available for free. This no-nonsense application is great to have for quick Bible verse referencing, but it does lack the supplemental content and additional features that many other applications offer. This Bible application is best suited for light Bible reading. (see disclaimer above) 

Glo Bible -- This Bible application, created by Immersion Digital Reference, has a fun and intuitive design that gives the user a different experience from all other applications with its interactive design. This Bible application comes with some maps and pictures and offers additional ones for purchase, including video. The application comes with many of the popular translations for free. This application is great for moderate to extensive Bible study. (see disclaimer above) 

Bible + 1 -- This application, by Just 1 Word, has a very clean, smooth and user-friendly feel to it, with many free and paid translations. This Bible application is great for light to moderate study/reading use. (see disclaimer above) 

Bible.is -- This application, created by Faith Comes by Hearing, is an application created for listening to the Bible. It includes multiple recordings of the Bible, but it does lack in the number of translations available. (see disclaimer above)


Have a suggestion for additional resources? Let us know!  Is there something you would like to see on here, but you cannot find it? Let us know and we will do our best to add it to our collection. If you are a non-church member, please include contact information so that we can contact you when requested material is added. Names are not required, but preferred, although we do understand if you choose not to include your name.