Articles by Roger Massey

Roger Massey has been a minister at the Pataskala church of Christ since 2001.  

Articles from 2014

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Sharing Jesus With Others 

Training Our Children to Serve 

Shepherding Christ's Church

Stormy Weather 

Waiting on God

Articles from 2013

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Happiness in 2014 

It's Christmas 

God's Plan of Salvation 

Those Were The Days

Is God Listening?

Troublesome Times

The Mission 

Made From One Blood, Cleansed With One Blood

Teaching the Children

Chart and Compass

The Act of Baptism

The Sting of Guilt

The Passing of Summer 

He Went About Doing Good

Stepping In The Light

Choosing The Superior  

Worshiping With The Church In Other Places  

Love One Another...For Love is from God


Truth and Salvation  

The Scriptures - Our Map & Compass 

Remembering "Mum"  

Jesus - Flesh & Blood 

Too Smart For God 

 The Practice Of Inviting

Being A Living Sermon 

 Good News!

Recognizing The Source Of Our Strength 

History Of The Church 

Who Are You Serving? 

The Rain Came Down And The Flood Came Up 

The Best New Years Resolution  

Articles from 2012

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A Gentle Spirit 

A Holy People 

As Time Moves On 

As We Get Older 

Consider Purity 

Controlling The Pace Of Life 

Do You Truly Love Others ?

Edifying One Another In 2013 

God - The Source Of Our Strength  

God Sees The Heart 

Guidance From Above 

His Mission -- Our Mission 

Just A Closer Walk With Thee 

Looking For Rainbows 

Love In Our Hearts 

Reflecting The Beauty Of Jesus 

Servant Song 

Springtime & Motherhood 


Thank You Lord For Hospitals 

The Blessing Of Owning A Bible 

The Call For Repentance 

The Fiery Tongue 

The First Presidential Election 

The Holy Scriptures 

The Joy Of Being Bound Together  

The Language Of The Heart 

The Need Of Edification 

The Source Of Conflict 

When The Night Is Dark  

Wholesome Thinking 

Articles from 2011

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 A Better Church Begins With Me

A Day Of Thanksgiving  

A Giving Heart 

Are You Content In Your Church Congregation 

Baptism- A Response Of Faith 

Bible Knowledge 

Choosing Our Foundation 

Christianity Is Looking Up 


Facing Life's Difficulties 

Faith Of The Founders 

Handle With Care 

Have You Touched Anyone Lately 

His Second Coming 

Jesus And Truth 

Jesus Said Repent Or Perish 

Living By The Word Of God 

Motherhood- The Beauty Of God's Design  

My Walk With God 

Rock Or Sand 

Savior And Lord 

Scriptures To Ponder In 2011 

Scriptures To Start The Day 

Surveying The Cross 

The Assembled Body Of Christ  

The Fellowship Of Joy 

The Love Of Money 

The Praying Church 

The Quest For Life 

The Tuesday Of Our Lives 

Two Turtles  

What Was That You Just Said 

When God Became Man 

Women Disciples 

Wouldn't It Be Great If  

Articles from 2010

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Are You Careful With Your Speech? 

Believing, Teaching & Practicing Truth 

Cashews For A Soldier 

Election Day In America 

Human Suffering 

Jesus & The Storm 

Loving Our Enemy 

Marriage In The Eyes Of God 

The High Priesthood Of Christ  

The River 

The Wall  

When The Night Is Dark And Sleep Won't Come 

Will You Be Happy In 2011?