Videos from Focus Press

Here you can view videos produced by Focus Press, an approved Christian authority. Some of these videos are part of video series. You may view the video series in its entirety here on the website. Alternatively, I have attached a link that takes you to the playlist on YouTube.  To view the official website of Focus Press, click the link below.

Follow the following link to view the Focus Press official YouTube page to see all of their content.

Dinosaurs & Humans Part 1 - Convicted -Dr. Brad Harrub

Dinosaurs & Humans Part 2 - Convicted -Dr. Brad Harrub

Catastrophes: The Global Flood - Convicted - Dr. Brad Harrub

Noah and the Flood - Dr. Brad Harrub

Evidence for a Young Earth - Convicted - Dr. Brad Harrub

In the Shadows of Mt. St. Helens - Dr. Brad Harrub

Evolution and Darwin: Fact or Fiction - Convicted - Dr. Brad Harrub

Dr Brad Harrub Topic ''Scientific Accuracy of the Bible"

The Ice Age and Origin of Races - Dr. Brad Harrub

The Value of Human Life - Dr. Brad Harrub

Intelligent Designer or Cosmic Accident - Dr. Brad Harrub

Fossil Evidence: Where Did Man Come From? - Convicted - Dr. Brad Harrub

A Medical Examination of the Crucifixion of Christ - Dr. Brad Harrub

Debate on Morals: Dr. Brad Harrub Vs. Dr. Jim Miller

Islam Part I - A Background - Dr. Brad Harrub

Islam Part II- The Pillars - Dr. Brad Harrub

Islam Part III- Behind the Veil - Dr. Brad Harrub

Convicted A scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity - 10 Continuous Videos

Examining the Evidence - 3 Continuous Videos 

Exposing Freemasonary

Focus Press - 37 Continuous Videos